The Super 73, Van Loon Family -
The Best of 1980's, 1990's and now from 2000 on

Is there a better prepotent breeding family today? Maybe or maybe not! This Van Loon Family of bird is very prepotent breeders of super champions. Mr. Van Loon was so feared in the 1970's that he was asked and forced to stop flying his pigeons. He was so dominant on the short races, winning constantly, that they barred him from flying the short races. Mr. Van Loon soon started to fly his pigeons on the long races only. The results were the same, so they barred him from flying altogether.

Mr. Van Loon sold the 8 best foundation pairs to the Planet Brothers in England. One year later, the Planet Bros started winning with the same dominant results. Campbell Strange realized this and was very lucky to obtain the 083 and 049 cock (049 hen's nest mate) also the "High Voltage" cock and the "Gary's Blue" cock from the Planet Brothers in 1985 and 1986. These pigeons came down from the foundation Van Loon breeders. At this time, I don't think Campbell knew just how good these birds were going to be for him. It was a chance to just get some of the bloodline off this much inbred family of pigeons.

In 1987 Mr. Campbell Strange got the opportunity to purchase a super ace champion bird of all Holland, Netherlands from Mr. Gijs Peters, This bird was known as "Super 73", band number 81 NL 8115173. By 1987 this cock as a breeder had already sired 12 first place winners on ten different hens. Campbell purchased this cock for $20,000 and what a catch he snagged to start breeding the old Van Loon inbred pigeons!

The genetics of "Super73" contains 4 different family bloodlines but 2 of the bloodlines were some of the Van Loon family birds. What a perfect mating this was to get youngsters ¾ strong in the Loon blood with a slightly different blood change, all proven breeders. The rest is American history, as one of the best family dynasties of racing pigeons obtainable.

Success came instantly for Campbell as soon as he bred the "Super 73" cock to the "083" hen, and to the "049" hen, then breeding the "Gary Blue" cock back onto them. Some of the super children were "2778" cock, the "Bold Ruler" cock and the "Super Streak" cock off "Super 73" to the "049" hen. Now the foundation breeding hens from the 1988 pairing of "Super 73" to the "049" hen are "Auto 132", "Auto 133" and the "Super 2148", also the "2938" hen of "Super 73" was paired to the "Old Rocket Hen" from the Janssen Brothers to produce the "6562" hen . In 1988 "Super 73" was paired to the "Convention Hen" producing the super champion "Future Force" cock. In 1989 a son of "Super 73" cock "2778" was paired to a daughter of "Super 73" producing the "Super Secret" cock "6046" and his nest sister "6047" which became Bob Koch's main breeding hen. In 1988 the "Gary's Blue" cock was paired to a daughter of "Sure Return" out of England. This was inbred old Van Loon blood at its best and another super foundation breeding hen, number 135 was born. Campbell Strange also got the golden opportunity to purchase another super racing champion ace hen. Her name was the "Louisa" hen that held an incredible racing record, one of the best that Europe had ever seen. Mr. Van Loon also bred this hen. In 1990 the "Super 73" cock paired to the Louisa hen and had a super breeding daughter come off this mating, hen "3422". In 1992, the "Gary's Blue" cock was paired to the "Louisa" hen producing daughters "3930" and "4000". In 1992 "Super 73" was mated to the "3930" hen. The result was another super son "2425", also in 1992 "Super 73" was mated to the "4000" hen and the result was "2019", another super daughter. The "Louisa" hen was mated to the "2778" cock, the best of "Super 73" and "083" foundation hen. Several offspring came from this couple but a special daughter "1713" WWC 92 was kept. In 1993, the "Super 73" cock was mated to the "1713" hen. The result was hen "3544" a blue splash, which became one of the last best foundation breeding hens of "Super 73". A son of the "Gary's Blue" cock and the "083" hen was paired to the "Super 135" hen. This is then inbred old Van Loon blood and the result was super hen "5427 WWC 89". In 1991, "Super 73" was mated to the "5427" hen and the result was the 166 hen which became one of the 5 best daughters of "Super 73". In 1992 "Super73" was also mated to hen "1349" which was daughter of the famous "Lichte Orleans" cock and as full sister to "Mr. Wonderful" the result was a special cock named "Junior" 2210. This cock became a foundation breeder of champions, and then the "Lichte Orleans" cock was sold for $95,000.00.

Mr. Campbell Strange also got the opportunity to purchase the super youngster left in Europe off the "Super 73" cock. There was the famous "DeMarco" cock from his friend Mr. Gijs Peters. The "DeMarco" was a super racer in the Netherlands, but as a breeder he was fantastic. "DeMarco" cock bred first place winners in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993: all in the Netherlands (this is truly super breeding.) What a catch to bring to America to pair back to the old Van Loon family and the children of his famous father the "Super 73" cock. I must also mention one more super champion Campbell got to purchase. This was the super champion "Verona" cock, who was 1/2 Van Loon blood and ½ Janssen blood. The "Verona" was an ace racing cock, but as a breeder he was just fantastic. This cock bred many champions himself and is now owned by James Gabler of American Dream Loft! Again, what another catch to bring to America to breed into the Van Loon, "Super73" family of pigeons. Realizing how the old Van Loon strain clicked with the "Super73" Campbell Strange made a few more trips to the Planet Brothers to get just a few more birds that came down from the old strain. These birds helped refurbish the bloodline even more. You can now begin to see what a powerful breeding family the "Super 73", Van Loons is. How many families can then say have such a super breeding family that produces so many champions and so many top breeders, generation after generation.

The pigeons that have been talked about above were just some of the birds Campbell kept for himself. Many other people in America, Canada and in Europe also have champion racers and breeders that they have purchased from Campbell Strange. Don't forget the "Future Force" cock and the "Bold Ruler" cock were also super racers and were bought back by Campbell for $10,000 each to put back into the breeding loft. Some of the main birds mentioned in the above article are done breeding or are dead. Some are on their last leg, but none the less these were the main pigeons of the past decade that made Campbell Strange famous as the owner of the powerful breeding "Super 73" Van Loon.

Let us review some of the breeding highlights of some of these old champions. Campbell states "Bold Ruler" cock was the best cock in racing and breeding in 40 years for him. In 1990 alone this cock produced 4 super champions: number 16 was 1st at 600 mile concourse, number 3003 was 23rd concourse bird at 360 miles, number 3004 was 4 champion young bird, and number 3025 "Secretariat" the super racer from Ron Steinbrenner which was over all Ace Pigeon of America in 1992, champion club and concourse winner 139 lofts. 1st 500 miles and 2 1st concourse wins at 600 miles. In1993 number 3693 was club and concourse champion bird and in 1995 "Bold Ruler" bred another super champion and combine winner at 395 miles. Campbell has kept record children off "Bold Ruler" and states: "These are the backbone of my future". I myself, James M. Bupp, have a son of "Bold Ruler" and the "Super 1666" hen. He is the foundation of my breeding loft along with many others.

One of my cock's son was 14 on 300, 18 on another 300 and just missed winning the 400 mile race as a youngster by a couple of tenths of a second in the "Gulf Coast Classic" races for Dan Van Lake. And again in 2000, another daughter of this hen for me was flown in the Florida Gulf Coast Classic Club as a yearling hen, a very good flyer again. At the end of the year she won the 400 mile race for Dan Lake. Not bad results at all. And again in 2000, a great grandson I have of "Bold Ruler" and the "1660" hen bred me the 39th place in the "Gulf Coast Classic" out of 791 birds, then number 1444 again for Dan Van Lake.

Now let's talk about the "Future Force" cock. This was a Hall of Fame racer for the Syndicate Loft in central New Jersey combine. But as a breeder, this cock has produced super pigeons. In 1990 number "1429" bred 1st place winners every year for John Chang of Illinois and in 1991 number "660" was 1st Central Jersey combine old bird champion. Number "667" 3t and 2nd champion of the Paterson Club and in 1993 "Future Force" bred 30922 which were 1st champion young bird and 3rd champion old bird in 1994. Again, number 30944 was 1st at 500 miles, number 0606 was 2nd AU Hall of Fame old bird in 1994 and number 3911 was 1st AU Hall of Fame bird in 1994. In 1995 the 3rd place bird in the New England Open race was a son of "Future Force". Campbell also kept several children for himself off the super cock along with selling offspring all over the country. I have a super grandson of this cock in my loft.

Another brother "Bold Ruler" was the "Super Streak" cock which was off "Super 73" and the "083" hen. This cock was a super racer in the Houston, Texas area, but also bred super champion in 1991, 1992, and 1993 and in 1995. Another super son of "Super 73" was 2210 WWC 92 and this cock was named "Junior". This cock was one of the last of "Super 73" but became one of the best breeders. This cock has produced so many combine and federation champions; they are too numerous to even start to mention in this article. I, James M. Bupp, was one of the lucky people who got to purchase a youngster from this cock just before Campbell sold out at his auction. Campbell had just recently repurchased the junior cock back from the "Szentendrei Loft".

Another super breeding cock was the son of the "Super 2778" cock paired back to his half sister off "Super73". The resulting cock was named "Super Secret". This cock has bred so many super children it had to list them all. The only thing Campbell and I can say is "no matter what he what he was paired to, his offsprings turned out to be super breeders of champions". Top champions today show in the 2nd and 3rd generation of the pedigree to have "Super Secret" in them. I had a son of Super Secret that bred me a hen that was flown in Florida's Gulf Coast Classic Club, 100 plus members of All American flyers, that was sent to 5 races at 300 mile or more as a yearling. This hen was in the top 5 places in three of the races. Not bad results at all!! Considering all odds I went looking for a super child off "Super Secret" that Mr. James Gabler had. Missy, the "2418" hen was the mother. I purchased several super children off this cock from Mr. Gabler and all are first class pigeons, to add to my "Super 73" Van Loon family. The "Super Secret" cock also produced the 1996 "Snow Bird Futurity" champion "Quick Danny Boy". I have a daughter of "Quick Danny Boy" when paired to a daughter of "Bold Ruler" number 6043 which Peeman and Sons still have at Oak Haven Farms, which produced fantastic birds for me in the Gulf Coast Classic Club in 2 levels.

Now lets talk about the very best breeding cock that Oak Haven Farms had and that is the "Super 2778" cock of "Super 73" and the "083" foundation hen. A book could be written on this cock and his children. This starts to bring us into the next generation of the "Super 73" Van Loon dynasty, the grandchildren. Some of the super children of "2778" and the "Auto 132" hen were the "Magic Maker" cock which is the foundation breeding cock for Bobby Gonzalez, along with many brothers and sisters that he has. "Magic Maker" alone has bred birds to places 40 or more 1st place wins. Pretty incredible results to say the least.

"Magic Maker, Jr" has become a super star racer and breeder with super results, a 1993 concourse champion in San Diego. He is a grandchild of "2778". The "2778" cock great grandfather to the 500 mile New Jersey combine for Mr. Trajnoski. Bob Koch's daughter of "2778" is mother to at least six 1st place prizes. In 1995 the "Triple Crown San Diego Classic" was daughter of "2778" and the list goes on and on. These children are also great breeders. The super cock "Apollo" and 6 or 7 of his brothers and sister are all super breeders of "2778" and the "Auto 132" hen, and are all full siblings to "Magic Maker". I, James M. Bupp, recently purchased a super daughter of "Apollo" from Mr. Allen Frampton in Florida. I also purchased a super cock of the 39130 cock, another full brother that Campbell had for 8 years in his breeding loft before being sold to Mr. James Gabler, whom I purchased the youngster from. These are foundation breeders that I just acquired. The cock called "Texas Magic", owned by Mr. James Gabler also was a super breeder from "2778" and "Auto 132". I also recently purchased a fantastic granddaughter off this cock, again from Mr. Gabler, who has a super daughter off "Texas Magic". The "2778" mated to the "6562" hen, his half sister has produced super offspring, along with fantastic results with the "Auto 133" hen, his other half sister. Too many to start listing in this article. Also, "2778" was mated to the "Super 2148" hen, his half sister. This mating was just fantastic producing several breeding stars. I must mention just a few in this article. One of the super cocks is "George" who Mr. Allen Frampton purchased at sell out. This cock is magnificent and combines the best of "Super 73" and the old Planet Bros Van Loon blood. I have 2 super daughters myself off "George". In 2000 one of his daughters produced the "1444" hen mentioned earlier in this article getting the 39 places in the "Gulf Coast Classic". The "George" cock (off 2778 and 2418 hen) also has two famous sisters, "Sissy" and "Missy". These were the daughters of "2778" that Campbell kept for himself. Again, these two hens are super breeders. I have 2 grandchildren of "Missy" from James Gabler and they are of super quality. I also was one of the lucky people in the USA to purchase an absolute super youngster of "Missy" the "818" hen paired to "Avenger", (owned by James Gabler), the best son of "2778" still breeding. I also have granddaughter off "DeMarco" and the "2418" hen producing winning pigeons for me. Grandchildren and great grandchildren of the "DeMarco" cock run high in placing in the top prizes of the "Snow Bird" and the "San Diego Classic" races in California. The "2778" cock was mated to the hen called "Quick Lady" which was off "Super 73" blood and was 1st Ace Young bird in Holland. Several children came off this mating, along with the "Double Return" cock (now owned by Ken Christopher, Utah) as being a super specimen. The "2778" cock was also mated to the "2938" hen off "Super 73" and the Grondelaer "Newspaper Hen" producing several offspring, including the "Top Sarge" cock which Campbell regarded highly. Then the "2778" cock was paired to the 135 foundation Van Loon hen. This turned out to be a super mating. Several superstars came out of this. One Campbell kept was the "Hercules" cock "5984 OHF 95". I have a super son of him and the "Auto 133" hen. I also purchased grandchildren of him with the "Sissy" hen. All are just magnificent. Now let's talk of the super brother to "Hercules" none other than the "Avenger" cock. This could be the best cock off "2778" still breeding. This cock as a yearling and as a two year old sired 2 first place winners plus the 4th New England Open champion bird for Dick LaCroix. "Avenger" was sold to Fran Miller when he sired "Fire Fox" the best 1997 young bird champion. This youngster had four 1st place wins plus the IF Hall of Fame win over 200 lofts. James Gabler purchased "Avenger" in the sell out of Campbell's auction. Campbell Strange called me and told me to get a youngster off "Avenger" and "Missy" and I did just that. This golden couple now, with a youngster recently selling at Chicago auction for $3,100. This pair has produced a champion for Ken Christopher already. It is a double "2778" sibling mating with the super hens "135" and "2418". Mr. James Gabler also has a super son of "Avenger" mated to "Sissy" hen. This cock is going on 4 years old. In the last 3 years, he has sired ten 1st place champions and 2 AU Champions already. Needless to say, this young cock is going to be the next grandchild superstar breeder.

"Avenger" was also mated to the "4788" hen, a daughter of "DeSenna" and the "083" foundation hen. I was lucky to purchase a young hen off mating from James Gabler and I just can't wait to breed her. I also purchased a youngster off "Avenger Jr" mated back to a youngster off "Avenger" and "Missy". This is close inbreeding, but should be a super one for out cross mating. The foundation "083" Van Loon hen was mother to many superstars in addition to "2778" and "Bold Ruler". Some of her last youngsters were in 1995, number "5571" left to Chris Peeman at Oak Haven Farms, and in 1996 two off "083" hen and the "048" cock, which was the super nest mate to the "049" foundation hen. These were also left at Oak Haven Farms. They were number"6862" and the "6739" cock. Mr. James Gabler purchased the other brother of this mating, number "51663" which is also a super cock. I recently purchased 3 youngsters off "51663" and they are super! Again, in 1998 at her end, the "083" hen was mated to the "Hercules" cock. Chris Peeman has a super daughter "40447" off this mating. I would be willing to bet that her latest youngsters are going to be breeding stars in the future, just as "2778" and "Bold Ruler". Chris Peeman was also left a super son, "Columbus", number 7338 off the "Future Force" cock. And Chris was also left the famous "1660" hen, which is the mother to my superstar breeder, cock "1304" and hen "3422". The entire above mentioned are off "Super73". Chris also has "Alicia" number 5729 and a cock "6797" both off "Super 2778" cock. In addition, Chris was left a daughter of "Bold Ruler" number 6043 named "Bold Ruler's Girl". She is the grandmother to one of my superstar breeding hens that looks just like her, when she was paired to "Quick Danny Boy", who won the 1996 "Snow Bird Futurity". The 2nd AU Convention Race in Detroit number AU 00-DAVE-71, splendid future cock won 2000 for Chris Peeman that has Janssen blood and a grandson of the "Future Force" cock in him. What a perfect champion with outcross blood to mate. Back to an inbred "Super 73" Van Loon hen produced champions for Chris, and for him to continue to rebuild his own family. Chris was also left several more by Campbell Strange, not to mention in this article.

Mr. James Gabler has the "Elite 12" purchased in the sell out. Most were mentioned in this article, but there are more. He has a daughter of "Bold Ruler" and "Quick Lady" number "6071". Jim also has hen "11246" of "DeMarco" and a daughter of "2778". His has hen number "7988" and another hen "5677" which are much inbred old Planet Brothers, Van Loon blood from the best. I also have 2 youngsters off "5677". Jim has 2 sons "7806" and "10585" and a daughter "6768" direct off the "Verona" cock. He also has a daughter of "Apollo" and the "1666" hen number "9241" plus another daughter of "Texas Magic" 9455. In addition, Jim has hen number "11246" of "DeMarco" and a daughter of "2778". I have 3 or 4 children from her.

Bobby Gonzalez is another person that has several pigeons from all the top breeders of the "Super 73" and Van Loon family. He has 8 or 9 direct children from "Super 2778". Bobby has won big in several futurities and races in the past years. He has won the "Motor City of Detroit" race, he and Kumberte Mont won 1st place in the "American King Cup" 300 mile race. In 1995. the 1st, 4th and 8th concourse Tampa champions are from Bobby. Bobby has been old bird and young bird champion of Tampa. Bobby tells me he now has to hide his winners under other people's names, just to get his pigeons into the races; otherwise they end up in someone's breeding loft and don't see the races. I know about this already and some of the birds I sent out to different people ended up in their breeding coop (also never even entered the races). This is called bad sportsmanship towards the breeders of the pigeons. Some people may say that Bobby did not have a good last year. Per a phone conversation with him, I found out the answer to this rumor. There comes a time that out-crossing has to be done away with for a couple of years and the sacrifice of champions being bred has to be put aside for a few yeas. Let me explain it to you the way Bobby explained it to me. There comes a time when the best producing old bird must be deeply line bred or inbred together to continue your dominant family blood. The problem with this is that you get pigeons with a lot of deformities and defects. You may only get one jewel out of 5 or 6 youngsters off the same pair. All of the affected youngsters you must kill, but the one jewel is worth gold to you because, just this one pigeon, that has everything you want in it (without defects) can again carry you for another 7,8 or 9 years of breeding super champions. That is what Bobby is going through right now. He is rebuilding his "Super 73" Van Loon family off the old champion breeders, before they are all through breeding. This means keeping the jewel youngster only. Even if it means just 4, 5, or 6 per year, it will be worth it to him or anyone else in his position. Look for Bobby Gonzalez in a couple of years to repeat super champions coming form his birds. Now let's see some results! In 1998, 2nd place in Frank Viola race, 140 lofts 1, 195 birds, was a grandson out of "Bold Ruler". The 6th and 8th place winners in the "South Africa Million Dollar Race" was Lou Colletta and Ernest Deitzman. The 1st and 4th Snowbirds in 1998 were won by Bill Fran and Tom Zahmil. In 1999 Bill had 3 birds place in the top 25 in the Snowbird 300 mile race. Oh, by the way, after moving to Florida, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Fran. After finding out I had some "Super 73" Van Loon pigeons, he let me into his loft and showed me his pigeons. This is rare because he is very conscious about his birds. I want to tell you, his family of "Super 73" Van Loon and his "DeSenna" children are first class pigeons. The point was made early in this family of champions and the blood is already lost. You don't want an inbred bird paired to a pigeon that has 3 or 4 different bloods in it already. The reason being, the offspring will have A, B, C, D, & E genes. How do you expect this pigeon to breed for you, even if he is a champion, back to your main family blood? He can't unless you have a pure inbred pigeon to pair him back to. Even then, the offsprings have too many gene combinations and again must be paired back to the inbred pigeon. This is when defects appear in the young, you may get one jewel out of 5 or 6 youngsters, but in desperation, this one jewel may be worth it to you. You can pair ½ blood to the same ½ blood and be okay as long as their young is paired back to a 3/4 strong bird with the same family blood. What I am trying to say is; outcross one time and then bring the ½ outcross right back into the inbred family. Then, their youngsters back to out crossing, and then their youngster's right back into inbred blood. This is the proper way to keep the family blood winning for generations. This is a lesson worth learning whether you're an old timer or just a beginner to what ever strain you have - Put winning birds together (not junk) to get a good bird. A little more on strains that cross well with the "Super 73" Van Loon family of pigeons: One strain is the inbred Janssen family of birds. The "Verona" cock that Campbell purchased was half Van Loon and half Janssen. "Verona" was one of the best champion racers and breeders Campbell ever purchased. Why again to pair back to the inbred Van Loons. He had 3/4 "Super 73", Van Loon youngsters but only one blood, the Janssen strain as an outcross. Again, only A, B, & C genes breeding back to you. Another strain has been the "Grondelaers" for distance. A large "Grondelaer" bird paired to a small "Super 73", Van Loon hen becomes a dynamic if a small youngster appears as "Fire Fox" was. Another strain is "Red Fox" Janssen's on the inbred "Blue Check". Janssen's thought that Piet De Weerd brought into the USA all Vanderflaes. Another main superstar breeder that Campbell Strange bought was the "Hekkenklak" Janssen who James Gabler now has. Mr. Gabler and Mr. Peeman both have children off the "Hekkenklak" or his parents. It has been brought to my attention, that the "Hekkenklak" blood crossed with the "Super73" Van Loons have produced several grand champions as of lately. Examples include AU champions and major futurity winners, so I must say this is an excellent cross. My opinion is, maybe an inbred Bekaert family could be tried because Bekaerts are small pigeons with the guts to fly 300 to 500 and the Van Loons would add speed. Personally, I think an inbred or line bred "Super 73" Van Loon pigeon could only better any ones family of pigeons, as many pigeon people around the country have found out. Bill Mitiu of Chicago just reported winning equal 1st in the prestigious Windy City Classic race this year with a grandson of "De Verona", 1st Nat'l Ace pigeon Holland 1990. "De Verona" is also owned by Mr. James Gabler.

It's time to end this article by wishing all the pigeon fliers in the country the best. Pay close attention to my breeding lesson and you should succeed. Again, you can begin to realize why I said, "Since the 1970's the "Super 73" Van Loon dynasty of pigeons is one of the best strains in the world, even today."

James M. Bupp