South Africa's Million $ Race

First Country Challenge Race...

Jim Gabler - ADL

South Africa Million Dollar Race

America's Dream Loft proudly announces our winning 1st in South Africa's 2010 Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race (America's 1st Country Challenge race).

The honor is our finest. We have won 1st in many races from Las Vegas, Flamingo, Peeman's Big Texas Race to the Midwest, club and combine wins over the last 40 years. This does not count the other hundreds of winners by others who fly our birds.

This award by far is our best ever. Love the "American's" Super 73's with Hekkenklaks and Fire Flights.

ADL Million $ Family Secrets

America’s Dream Loft has either won or bred the pigeons for others to win nearly every major futurity, National Award, Hall of Fame and Ace Pigeon position in the US. Several years back ADL decided to compete directly against the most famous names our sport has ever known. How could a loft in the middle of the US compete head to head against the elite of Belgium, Holland, Germany and 30 other countries? ADL needed a race that offered a true test. ADL wanted a genetics competition with all pigeons handled in exactly the same manner. ADL desired a true test where the pigeons would fly into headwinds and deal with extreme heat. The one and only choice would be the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race held in South Africa. Sun City is an international event structured so the entrant’s pigeons enjoy an equal opportunity to prove their excellence. In the pigeon sport today many fanciers like to publish results of training tosses or equal firsts when there are huge drops of pigeons. ADL could only be satisfied competing head to head with the best the sport has ever known. ADL has the desire to compete against thousands of the worlds top pigeons.

The experiment with Sun City began in 2004. ADL entered Sun City finishing 63rd and bred the pigeon finishing 66th. Two birds in the top 100 on our first try was a nice accomplishment but certainly not what ADL was looking for. The next few years ADL took a break from active racing to focus on the World of Wings National Pigeon Museum.

In the 2009 Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race, the best pigeon in the entire series was ‘Alborada’ bred by Heriberto Borroto. This pigeon won a Car Race (Hot Spot) and finished 1st Overall in the Grand Averages. What an accomplishment for Borroto with the ADL ‘Hekkenklak’ line. The ‘Hekkenklak’ owned by ADL was 1st National Ace Pigeon of all Holland and went on to become a breeding legend in the US. The cream keeps rising!

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