ADL has done it again!!!


I am pleased to announce the sale of arguably one of the Best Ulrich Lemmons Hens in the USA to Jim Gabler ~ (ADL) American Dream Lofts of Sterling IL. “Sigi,” a Direct Daughter of Bettini & Canelle she has been a phenomenal Breeder for Riedel’s LTL Lofts when coupled with “Leopold” a Nanez/Klaas cock. Together they have produced multiple One Loft & Futurity Race winners in three short years. “Sigi’s” Direct Children & Grand Children have won at various levels of competition including Club & Combine, One Loft & Multi Loft Racing.

Although I will miss “Sigi” in my Breeding Loft I am happy that she will join the Best Ulrich Lemmons stable of Pigeons in the USA ~ That being Jim Gabler’s American Dream Lofts USA. I wish Jim the Greatest of success with “Sigi” as she enters the 2017 Breeding Season.

Grandson of Sigi  “LTL 0987” ~ 1st Place 48th Annual Omaha GrainBelt  Granddaughter of Sigi “LTL 0981” ~ 1st./608 bds (4th) .21 sec out 1st. 309 Miles Blue Bucket StampedeAnd  ~ 29th./629 bds ~ 2:02 mims out of 1st. 250 Miles Blue Bucket Stampede

Direct Daughter of Sigi ( “Bonds Girl LTL 007” 1st.  325 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft Race“Bonds Girl LTL 007”  Equal 1st. (20) 150 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft Race  Grandson of Sigi  “LTL 003” 82nd. 325 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft Race Direct Son of Sigi ~ “LTL 032” 87th./1606 bds 2016 Midwest Topeka Old Bird Race ~ 400 mile section ( Father of the 2016 Blue Bucket Winner )

Direct Son of Sigi ~ “LG – 1”, LTL 020 ~ Equal 1st. (7) 325 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft Race  (7 Seconds behind Debbie Ganus’s 1st. Place Bird)Direct Daughter of Sigi “LG – 2,” LG-2” LTL 011 Equal 1st. (12) 325 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft RaceEqual 1st. 200 mile Hoosier Classic One Loft RaceDirect Son of Sigi ~ “LG” – LTL 087” Equal 1st. (5) 300 mile Fall Classic One Loft Race  Multiple Club & Combine Diplomas from direct children & Grand Children of “Sigi”

Dear Friends,

America’s Dream Loft has been committed to providing the finest racing pigeons to fanciers for over two decades.

My friendships with the world’s best fanciers have allowed America’s Dream Loft (ADL) to acquire the crème de a crème of their bloodlines. My relationships with Europe’s best lofts pre-date my close relationship with Campbell Strange, founder of Oak Haven Farms. Many people remember when I acquired many of Campbell’s key breeders during his retirement auction in 1999. What an opportunity that was! Some of the greatest birds of all time moved to my breeding loft including, “Hekkenklak”, “Mr. Aristona”, “De Verona”, “Avenger”, and of course the world renowned “Super 73” family. Many more of Campbell’s Dynasty were purchased later to enhance my breeding program and from these, the foundation was laid for America’s Dream Loft to take its place among the greats.

ADL has either won or bred the pigeons for others to win nearly every major futurity, National Award, Hall of Fame and Ace Pigeon position in the US and have gone on to win in South Africa, China and Japan. Very few lofts anywhere in the world can make the same claim.

My devotion to seeking out and acquiring only the best has never wavered, as is evidenced by my latest additions ADL’s world class families.  It is my pleasure to reintroduce to the sport the backbone of my success, the “Super 73” family of birds, and to introduce the most sought after families of birds in the world today from Ulrich Lemmens and Jan Hooymans. I have acquired their best bloodlines, proven racers, and-when possible-their key breeding birds.

Our sport has been good to me over the last 50 years. It has afforded me the honor of serving 3 years as president of our National Pigeon Museum in Oklahoma, helped me raise funds for numerous clubs around the country, and provided a way for me to raise money to help children in China. All of these opportunities were only achievable through my commitment to helping grow our sport.signature

I look forward to having the opportunity to help you join the winner’s circle.

Jim Gabler